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Learn how to create blended images like the pros using the freeware vector program, Serif Draw Plus 4.0.

.Tutorial using Drawplus 4.0
  1. First, gather two (2) images that you would like to use in your montage. Also, make sure that they are the same exact height.

  3. Open a new document in DrawPlus. 

  5. Import one (1) of your images and paste it onto your canvas. 

  7. Click on the transparency tab on the toolbar in the right hand side of your screen. (When you do, you will see rows of little boxes filled with black and white fades.) Click on the square that is fading out from black to white. (1st square, third row, which will read "linear 1" when you mouseover it). When you do, the image should fade out from left to right.

  9. Import your 2nd picture and paste it onto your canvas. Go to the transparency tab again. Now find the transparency effect where the little box fades from white to black. (1st square, fourth row, and will read "linear 6" when you mouseover it.) When you do, the second image will fade in from the left. 

  11. Using your select tool (black arrow on left tool bar), move the 2nd picture to overlap over the 1st one to create a seamless transition between images.

  12. Export (file-> export) your new image to the format of your choice.
And voila-- your blended images!

NOTE: As you probably guessed, you can create a number of different blends using the variety of transparencies available. Just try experimenting to see what you can accomplish. The possibilities are endless!

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