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Swish Zone- Flash creator
Absolutely cool program that allows you to make your own flash animation without having to go through the hassle of learning or buying the more expensive Flash. Although it's for the Flash-impaired, this program works best for people who have had some experience with the program. The free trial will work for 15 days; after that, it costs $49 to register. 

Smart FTP- FTP Client
Wonderful, easy to use, and terrific alternative to the more popular Cute FTP program. Drag and drop your files to upload, have multiple connections, and more. Is multi-lingual and comes with many features, such as resume for broken downloads.

Ultimate Paint- graphics software 
Do NOT be fooled by this freeware program. The minute you open it, it looks cheesy. But before you give up on it, do this at least once: open an image and play with the filters. If you do, you will discover the coolest free image editor on the net. Bevel your images, play around with the colors a bit, and combine filters to make interesting images. Of course, this image editor will never compete with PSP or Photoshop, but it does a great job in the time before you eventually get one of these programs. 

Serif Photo Plus 5- graphics software 
A pretty decent image editing program. Not only is it nicely designed and easy to use, it allows you to edit pictures, paint graphics from scratch, and create animated gifs. Don't expect to create kickbutt, PSP-level type graphics with Serif. However, do expect a very basic image editor for simple cropping, editing, image slicing, and even painting. 
Note: Due to some issues, you will not be able to export your images in .gif format. (If you would like to export in .gif, that can be done by paying the fee of $1.) 

Irfan View- image viewer 
A cool image viewer with many features, including editing options like "bevel," "crop," and others. Also contains thumbnail mode and batch conversion. So efficient you'll wonder how you lived without it. 
Best feature: fixes wrong file extensions automatically.