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Put down that pricey book at the local bookstore teaching you the in's and out's of web design and development. After you've read this guide, you'll be glad you did!

Let's face it-- people are making a killing writing books on or creating seminars about the how tos of web building, design, web development, and affiliate advertising. But not everyone can afford that 35 dollar book or that $300 special weekend crash course teaching them how to create "dynamic" pages, make money on their sites, or earn more traffic. If you're the type who is in the predicament of wanting to learn more about the webmastering world but don't have the money, do not despair: the web offers terrific free advice actually  rivaling what you can find at the bookstore-- and for free! 
Forums on all things webmaster

An advanced forum giving professionl advice on web development and design, with an emphasis on search engine optimization. Has the best information ever on the various search engines and how to do well in them. Once you visit here, you'll wonder how you did without it.

A major site with informative articles covering the intricacies of all aspects of web design, from layout to programming. It also has wonderful forums where anyone can post a question about a problem they might be having regarding scripts, HTML, web design, and other aspects of web building.

Webhosting Talk
For budding web host enthusiasts, a message board where visitors can enquire about the finer points of setting up their own web hosting business. Also has a popular web review section, where anyone can also ask advice about the design of a site they have made.
Design Resources

Cool Home Pages
A gallery of some of the most cutting-edge web site designs on the web, in such categories as "corporate,"  "personal," "ecommerce," and "color scheme." If you're ever stuck on an idea for a personal site or you just want to see how the pro's do it, this is definitely the place you want to visit.
Webdesigner-Freebies' personal favorite for tutorials. Has a nice collection of how tos on HTML, CSS, javascript, and other important programming languages.

Popular longstanding site and mecca of webmaster gurus everywhere, containing tutorials with an irreverent bent.
Another mecca of webmaster wanna-be's, Cnet's longstanding and popular site for advanced webmasters wanting to know the latest news on web building or newbies just wanting to learn all aspects of web design.

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