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You've just set out to build your very first web site, yet are intimidated by the site maintenance costs and the huge amounts of software you must buy. Add these items up and you could find yourself in the dogpound! Well, did you know that you don't need to spend oodles of cash to build a website? If not, then read this article to find out how!

We feel your pain-- all you want to do is just build your place on the web, and for a reasonable price. And yet, here you are, faced with the intimidating task of buying software or implementing plans that could run in the hundreds and even thousands of dollars. Before your site's even done, you may find yourself out of pocket a good thousand dollars. But Webdesigner-Freebies knows a secret. Not only can you build a website for less than $50, you may even be able to build one completely free!
First Things First- Hosting and Domain Registration

The first bugaboo of web site building is finding a host and registering a domain name. But what if you don't have the money-- at least right now? Well, despite the Dot Com crashes of the late 90's, there are still quite a few free web hosts around. No, you won't get the works with these hosts, but at least you will be able to get a spot on the web. If you don't like the fact that some of these sites place banner ads on your home page, believe it or ot, there are quite a few free web hosts that offer free bannerless hosting, one of them being, which gives its users 25MB of free space. None too shabby, we say!

But what about the problem of registering a domain? Well, you can't get a free ".com" name at the time of this writing. However, you can get a different type of domain name with any of a number of free "shorter URL" services that allow you to turn a long domain name into a shorter, more recognizable one. One of the more popular ones is Of course, as with any service, shorter URL services come with a catch, mainly that they come with ads. But if your free web host sticks you with an URL like, what have you got to lose?
Second Things First: Web Building Software

Going with a free web host and shorter URL service is all fine and dandy, but you can't skimp on web building software, right? After all, to build a snazzy site, you must buy Dreamweaver or some other high-end product, right?


Did you know that there's a WYSIWYG/ HTML editor free for the taking and using, no strings attached? It's Netscape Composer, one of the most under-rated web building utilities out there. This program not only builds clean code for you, it allows you to edit and even handcode parts of your site-- and it comes completely free with the Netscape Browser. Although it comes with the latest versions, our pick is version 4.7, since it has a better, simpler interface.
Third: Graphics Editing

But, hold on a second, you say: that's pretty cool, but what about graphics editing-- heck, even image slicing and other important image editing functions? But you should know by now: Webdesigner-Freebies is already a step ahead of  you. Seems impossible that tasks like image-slicing and image mapping could be done cheaply. But it can-- with Serif Photo Free Plus 5.5. This freeware version of Serif Photo Plus is everything you could ever want in a basic image editor. You can not only image slice, but create image maps and do some basic functions like cropping and resizing. Unfortunately, you can't export in .gif format with the freeware version-- for that you will have to get the CD version of Photo Plus for the shipping and handling cost of  $2.95. But what's $2.95 for lifetime use compared to 100s of dollars for the most expensive graphics editor?